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Is Biology A Good Pre Med

Hello! I’m the one who answered your question re: scar treatment. BS Biology is still a promising pre-med, that is if you’re really sure about going to med school. Otherwise, take a course that requires a board exam, like nursing or pharmacy. In the end, what matters most is you’ll enjoy studying the course you chose for the next four years. Biology per se is not, in my opinion, a great prep, however, pre-meds study almost anything.

I took the Specialization Program at Exercise Science in Concordia which I thought prepared me well for med, especially with the internships involving the elderly chronically ill and I attained straight A's. Sure, it would definitely be an added bonus to remain in my CS standing, but I wouldn't trade my rest and my sleep for it. I'm not saying grades aren't imporant. Of course they are. I guess I'm just saying that there's more to your college life than that.


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